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13 December 2011

Characteristics of a called minister

Preamble: Of late, I have been really busy, because of the big project of having to move out with my children to an old rather unkempt flat of 2 bedrooms, doing all the clearing work, painting job, and fixing things, etc, all by myself, in order not to spend much.  At this time, I am still at it.  I have kept up with my following of Ps Prentis' blog entries, with my commenting on almost all of his entries.  I know I have neglected my own blog, and have disappointed some who came by the blog, for new entries.  Actually, many of my comments at Ps Prentis’ blog are full-length articles; the time spent on those could be spent on putting up entries on my blog.  Nevertheless, there are times when one just has the inclination to do something like what I am doing, following Ps Prentis’ blog.  I figure, it may be something the Holy Spirit would want me to do, for a season. The “flow” was good, and that was perhaps, an indication that it is a directed move of the Spirit.  I learnt much from Ps Prentis’ entries, and even more so, from the “flow” that has come.

I am sure, readers of my blog too, would benefit from some of the materials resulted from my following of Ps Prentis’ blog.  Ps Prentis is a pastor of a US church.  For this short article entry, which I am putting it in this “Say It Like This” site, the baby blog to high.expressions, I have summarized an entry of Ps Prentis, with some inputs of mine:

Characteristics of a called minister
1. Honest (of course, cannot be deceitful can he, no).

2. Hard-working (working for the Lord, better be).

2a. And with good work ethics (working for the Lord, seek to please only the Lord).

3. God seeking (of course, God is the boss; he is the servant).

4. Praying one (always needing His grace and mercy, if NOT praying, how to accomplish, not forgetting the enemy working against us.  Would pray for those in need, his own ministry, his own life, and what and whoever the Lord impresses upon him to pray.  Praying is primary, because he knows who is his enabler).

5. His heart is sunk into ministry (he looks forward to doing his ministry).

6. Does not see it as work (an honor and privilege to serve God).

7. Failed but never a failure (for he is not perfect).

8. Known for his seeking the Lord than his sins (interesting! We should all ask what we are more well-known for; is it seeking the Lord? Or is it .... {maybe some mega pastors should take this test!}).

9. Express his faith by his words and the way he lives (talk and walk the talk, good test!).

10. Does not wonder what he should do each day (Eph 5:15-17 – Does not want to be foolish and NOT understand the will of the Lord, and so, he will pray if he does not know what to do).

11. Needs no one to monitor him (for he knows the Lord is watching all the time, but he accepts accountability {I assert}).

12. Understand that what he does, he has to do unto the Lord (otherwise, it counts NOT; and so, knows he has to be abiding in the Lord and be in agreement with Him {I assert}).

13. Will summon the courage to do the right things despite it attracting criticisms (God pleaser, NOT men pleaser).

14. Persevere despite being run-off, fired or given “so much hell” (one will buckle if NOT for certainty of calling).

15. A blessing to have, for he brings the presence of the Lord into every situation (I believe the called one, when he is obedient, he will NOT only grow in stature, wisdom but also favor with God, and with men, just as Jesus did).

16. Love but would NOT speak or act contrary to righteousness (for he knows, like God, he is to love people unto righteousness)

Called ministers are worthy of our support.  They need our prayer and intercession for their lives, their loved ones, and their ministries.  Bless them financially even (meet their needs; anything more, you have to gauge), if you can, for they have reserved their time and energy for the work of the Lord rather than to gain wealth.  When we support called ministers, we are serving God by becoming His conduits of favor unto the ministers.

Anthony Chia, high.expressions, Say It Like this

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